(209) 826-1026
16 years ago Jim was able to replace a battery in my Fendi watch. Not sure why but other jewelers had an issue with this...from that moment Pearson's was my exclusive "go-to" for all of my jewelry needs. We always pick up an enjoyable conversation during each purchase, which I love, and each purchase receives an appropriate wrap. Being a gentleman I appreciate Pearson's ability to keep my guesswork to a minimum....they have always been spot on. Highly Recommended!

Rob Robinson - Los Banos, Ca

I have known Sherry and Jim for several years now. It is wonderful to be able to walk into their store and know I can find just the right gift or just the right gift for myself!! ;) There is nothing like having your jeweler remember your tastes and keep you updated with the latest styles and trends. I just purchased one of the Caroline Rocha cuffs and couldn't be more thrilled.

Beth - Los Banos, Ca

The Pearsons are the nicest people to do business with, and have a great selection of affordable jewelery and other items. We use them for our special gifts, as well as getting repair and cleaning done. You can't go wrong with Jim and Sherry!

Michael Neu - Los Banos, Ca

No place better in Los Banos to shop for your loved one. The Pearsons are awesome folk and have quite a selection for gift ideas, from "quite affordable" to "whoa, how much"? We also use them for cleaning and repairs.

Michael Neu - Los Banos, Ca

A couple of weeks ago we needed to get my daughter's ring repaired. Where else would we go in town but to Pearson's? As always, their service was friendly and warm and the turnaround time was pretty darn fast. Pearson's is one of those places where I always feel welcome and I truly appreciate the upscale service. Even when I am doing something as mundane as getting a watch battery replaced the Pearsons always make me feel at home and like my business matters to them...

Charles Guest

What a great Company! I went in the other day with a special necklace of mine. I thought it was broken forever, but I thought I would talk to Pearson's Jewelers first. Jim immediately said it was repairable. I was so excited and today I picked it up. I am so thankful and Sue, Jim and Sherry were lovely people to talk to and very knowledgable. Thank you all!

Caryn Cox - Los Banos, Ca

Words can't express how I felt at the very personal service I received... Andy, the right questions that you asked to find what was in my heart about having this special ring made.Skye for your CAD mock up photos before it was sent out for the frame to be made and Tyler for all your work on the actual ring. I still had a few doubts that it would ever be as beautiful as I had in my mind.I was so wrong, it is Stunning with that retro, old fashion feel that I was looking for. Oh, did I say blindingly Gorgeous?💖

Celia Wilson

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